Ravelin Group celebrates 18 years of Safe Direction

Celebrating 18 Years of Safe Direction® Ballistic Containment Systems

Ravelin Group celebrates 18 years of Safe Direction

Jeff Cooper famously declared:

“Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands.”

I was one of Colonel Cooper’s American Pistol Institute (pre-Gunsite) students back in 1980.  His uncompromising tutelage remains deeply impressed “between my ears”.  I’ve attempted to do my best over the past 42 years to instill in my own students the competence and confidence that Jeff Cooper inspired me to achieve.

A mindset for safety is paramount; however, distractions abound within us and around us — regardless of training or capabilities.

And that is why, I was bold enough back in 2004 to define and manufacture a Safe Direction ballistic containment system that a person could “hold in their hands” – and subsequently place upon a chair or table in order to safely point a handgun muzzle in order to load, unload, or perform handgun maintenance without the fear of personal injury or property damage.

Nothing is more upsetting and potentially lethal during routine gun handling procedures than an unintentional firearm discharge.

Safe Direction Ballistic Containment firearm safety products guard against personal injury; minimize property damage and  protect personal liability exposure in the case of an unintentional discharge.

Here’s our latest video of an Academy Pad Ballistic Containment System test-fire:

Safe Direction® products are unique in the firearm industry.  Select Federal LE agencies and other LE departments make department-wide use of our products.  We also offer our firearm safety products for sale to individuals on our website store.

Our portable ballistic containment products can benefit users by affording gun handling confidence.  Daily use and repetition of proper gun handling procedures can increase safety and overall competence.

18 years and counting! Safe Direction Ballistic Containment Products perform well and serve as an important layer of safety  protection.


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