Ravelin Group

Steve Camp: Owner. Lead Instructor. Driving Force.

Steve Camp is Ravelin Group's owner, lead instructor and driving force. He is a life-long firearm and training enthusiast. While still in his teens, he trained at Jeff Cooper's Gunsite Ranch.

He became an affiliate DTI Instructor in 1985 and has trained law enforcement, military pre-deployment and civilian students for over 30 years.

Steve has served as Ravelin Group's lead instructor since 2011 and is a certified NRA Instructor as well as certified IL Concealed Carry Instructor.

Combining over 30 years business and manufacturing experience, Steve oversees the design and manufacture of Safe Direction® Ballistic Containment Firearm Safety Products and a line of AR500 Reactive Steel Targets.

Mission Statement:

Ravelin Group strives to provide our students and customers with reliable, defensive tactics and effective safety tools, helping to ensure a peaceful outwork in their daily life.

Steve Camp's Certifications

  • IL Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor
  • Certified NRA Instructor # 19905384 (Home, Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun)
  • DTI Affiliate Instructor: Basic & Advanced Defensive Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun; Police Defensive Handgun; Military Combat Pistol; Women’s Defensive Handgun; Vehicle Defense; Force-On-Force Scenario Based Training
  • Certified Armorer: 1911 Pistol; S&W M&P Pistol; AR15/M16
  • Kenpo Karate 1st Degree Black Belt (1992)
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