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All In: Cheata Trotter Bra

Today’s post was written by my wife, Kate.

I’m a woman who has stayed at the sidelines of defensive firearm training for 30 years.  I simply love a man who loves firearms and devotes his life to firearm training. However, over the last three decades, I’ve been called on, as a support person, to do most of what Steve does at least a few times.  This I know: wearing a firearm on your body can be a literal pain; it affects pretty much everything else that you’re wearing –especially in concealment.  When it comes to firearms, for a long time, women were forced to adapt to equipment that wasn’t really made for them. Happily, things have changed for the better in a lot of good ways; women are now an important market for firearm sales.

I happened upon one tremendous improvement at the Cheata Sport and Tactical Booth at the 2019 SHOT Show: the Cheata Trotter Compression Bra.  I learned there that female law enforcement officers choose Cheata garments for duty wear in order to achieve sufficient compression under their ballistic vest.

I’ve never worn body armor, but as an active person who carries concealed, I appreciate the need for stability and compression–and above all– comfort in one’s undergarments.  I am happy to report, the Cheata Trotter Compression Bra delivers on all accounts. I love these bras.  

Unlike detestable sports bras that squeeze like boa constrictors as they are yanked into place, the Trotter Bra opens and closes with a sturdy back zipper. The bra is pulled over the head with the zipper open, a single hook attaches the wide bottom band, and a ribbon zipper pull is used to close the garment.  After performing a few adjustment tugs, I immediately found that I my back felt supported and I stood straighter.  Here’s the manufacturer video demo:

The compression is immediately slimming–and while significant–was not uncomfortable at all.  I can wear the Trotter bra all day and not want to rip it off like most bras I own; I even slept in it!  I appreciate the wide shoulder straps and non-constricting bottom band.  The Trotter offers a very modest lack of cleavage. The Trotter Bras wash well in a cold gentle setting and hang dry.

I’ve also noticed that my La Griffe neck knife lays flatter in concealment when I wear the Trotter Bra.

Cheata Trotter Bras retail for $69.95 and are available in a range of sizes from XXSmall (29”) to XXXLarge (44”) and are available from Amazon and a number of other dealers.  I bought mine at Big D’s Track and Vet Supply.

I’m very satisfied.  With the Cheata Trotter Bra, I’m all in!

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