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GAW Leatherworks Lever Wrap

TGR Enterprises, Inc. offers an easy and effective DIY remedy for painful “lever knuckle”. “Lever knuckle” mainly occurs after rapidly working the action of your lever-action carbine or rifle and the backs of your middle and ring fingers get bruised from making hard contact when quickly working the steel lever.

The Brass Stacker™ GAW Leatherworks Lever Wrap kit (retail price: $18.00) The Lever Wrap Kit provides everything you need so you don’t “bust your knuckles”.  The kit is available in three different leather shades and two sizes: standard and large loop. 

The alternating “baseball” type stitching requires some strength and patience; I ended up removing the lever assembly from my Marlin 1894 in .45 Colt and placed it into a padded vice. Having the lever firmly held, made stitching the leather Lever Wrap much easier to stitch tightly. The result, even for this novice, is pretty good looking and immensely satisfying. I managed to complete the project in less than an hour. 

I went to the range and fired about fifty rounds of my reloads (225 grain LSWC @ 1,240 FPS using Unique powder). I’m very happy to report . . . . no sore or bruised back of fingers from quickly working the lever! TGR Enterprises makes an excellent product that allows you to enjoy your lever-action carbines even more!

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