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Ravelin Group manufactures AR500 Reactive Steel Targets including the patented Rotator and Urban Rifle Target.

Rotator® and Urban Rifle Target: Ravelin Group's Defensive Training Target Systems

Ravelin Group manufactures steel targets for Defensive Firearm Training: the patented Rotator® (US patent # 7114725B2) for defensive handgun and rifle training and the Urban Rifle Target with the tactical drop down window for defensive carbine / rifle training.  Both AR500 Reactive Steel Target Systems have solid bolted construction leaving no welds to weaken and break, strong 1" steel axles and sturdy tubular stands.

  • Self-resetting
  • Portable, easy to repostion, and break down into components for storage and transport
  • Engineered for positive scoring, long life,  and durability

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Rotator® Rotary Action Handgun / Shotgun Target

Urban Rifle Target with Tactical Drop-down Window


"These [Rotator® targets] have paddles on them that are 8" square and in order to rotate them, you must hit them in precisely the right place and at precisely the right time to keep them moving.  This can be both mentally and physically challenging as you've got to make every shot count" - Gordon

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