Ravelin Group Defensive Firearm Training, IL Concealed Carry, Safe Direction, AR 500 targets

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Ravelin Group Manufactures and Represents a Variety of Firearm Safety and Training roducts

Safe Direction Gun Handling Safety Products Protect Against the Immediate Aftermath of an Unintentional Firearm Discharge

Protect against the immediate aftermath of an unintentional firearm discharge.  For use during routine firearm loading, unloading, dry-fire practice and maintenance.  More information...

Rotator Rotary Action Training Target manufactured by Ravelin Group, LLC

Rotary action self-resetting reactive AR 500 steel handgun-shotgun target. Tactical training target challenges shooters at all skill levels. Handgun and shotgun use only. Patent # US 7,114,725 B2.  More Information...


Urban Rifle Tactical Window Target manufactured by Ravelin Group, LLC

Self-Resetting Reactive AR 500 Steel Target. Tactical window drops the point of aim to give the target longer life and lively sound and movenment.  More Information...


DKX Max Hard Armor available from Ravelin Group, LLC
Max III and Max IIIA  Dyneema Armor Plate.  Extremely lightweight. MAX III - 2.9 lbs. per plate; MAX IIIA - 20 oz. per plate 7 year warranty.  More Information.  For pricing and availability, Contact Us.
CorBon Self Defense Ammunition available through Ravelin Group, LLC
Cor®Bon DPX® Self Defense AmmunitionGlaser Pow'R Ball® AmmunitionCor®bon Self-Defense JHP Ammunition More information.  Contact us for pricing and availability. 
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Ravelin Group represents Sage Less Lethal Ordnance to Law Enforcement Agencies

Sage Ordnance Systems 

Deuce Less Lethal Launchers and Munitions. Law Enforcement inquiries only. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Elipse HESPA Protective Respirators NIOSH approved available through Ravelin Group, LLC

Protect against lead dust and fumes present on indoor ranges.  NIOSH approved. Compact and lightweight, designed to reduce moisture build-up inside the mask. Replaceable filters. More information...

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