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Welcome to Ravelin Group

We embrace the basics.  We use force with judgement and restraint.  We train regularly with specific goals in mind.

Our Defensive Firearms Training courses stress competence and confidence.  

The products we manufacture reflect our rigorous commitment to safety and training:

• Safe Direction® Ballistic Containment for Gun Handling Safety

• AR 500 Reactive Steel Targets featuring the Rotator®.   

The products we represent are chosen for quality and usefulness: 

• Sage Ordnance • CorBon® Ammunition • DKX Armor • CSE Carriers • Groves Sling-Link®


Manufacturer of ballistic containment gun handlling safety and secure products and self-resetting AR 500 reactive steel targets. 

Safe Direction® and AR 500 Reactive Steel Targets 

Ravelin Group provides Defensive Firearms Training to individuals and groups
Handgun - Rifle - Shotgun
Safe Direction Ballistic Containment-Gun Handling Safety Products
Ballistic Containment - Gun Handling Safety
AR 500 Reactive Steel Targets Manufactured by Ravelin Group, LLC - Featuring the Rotator Rotary Action Handgun Shotgun Self-Resetting Target
Manufactured by Ravelin Group
Ravelin Group Represents Sage Ordnance Less Lethal Launchers and Munitions, DKX Hard Armor, CorBon Ammunition, Groves Sling-Link and Bruzer Less Lethal
Less Lethal - Rescue Sling - Hard Rifle Armor