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Ravelin Group Individualized Defensive Firearms Training
Ravelin Group's Defensive Firearm Training and Illinois Concealed Carry Firearm (ILCCF) Instruction is led by experienced firearm instructor, Steve Camp, whose life-long passion in firearms training and broad background in business combine to create insightful and individualized instruction.  
Ravelin Group is the manufacturer of Safe Direction® Ballistic Containment/Gun Handling Safety Products including the Academy Pad™. 
Ravelin Group is the manufacturer of AR 500 Reactive Steel Targets including the patented Rotator® Rotary Action Handgun and Shotgun Target and URT Urban Rifle Target. 
Ravelin Group distributes and sells Sage Less Lethal Ordnance (law enforcement agencies only) as well as AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group Assemblies and Components, DKX Hard Armor Plates, CSE Armor Carriers, CorBon® Self-Defense Ammunition and Groves Combat Rescue Slings. 
Ravelin Group publishes and sells firearms related books featuring defensive firearm training titles by John S. Farnam, Vicki Farnam and Diane Nicholl. Ravelin' s Monthly Bulletin Board providees ILCCF updates, training information, and links to items of interest around the web.  Finally, check out Ravelin's Blog which offers a rich variety of firearms related training, history and maintenance tips. 
Ravelin Group Defensive Firearm Training

Training Courses Offered:

Introductory -Basic-Advanced
8 hour and 16 hour Classes